Comprehensive building reports to property managers

Holistic building management consultancy service.

A well managed property investment will not only provide better returns to the investor but also reduce expenses on maintenance when detailed building reports are provided.

We fill the gap between strata managers and facility management services, providing the technical expertise and understanding of the Buildings Codes, Australian Standards and current Building and Occupational Safety and Health legislative requirements.

Our building management services we provide a comprehensive building report to property managers and or property owner ensuring that a clear “Scope of Works”  is developed and your property receives that amount of attention it deserves to prolong the life cycle of your asset.

By having us develop and or manage your commercial and residential property maintenance program, you will be provided with effective building solutions, that allow building contractors to provide competitive quotation. We can provide an evaluation and recommendation outcome of the quotation process.

Building inspection reports are useful to determine non compliant building work and we then prepare a cost effective remedy, which would be complaint the specific Building Code of Australia.

We also allow to undertake staged inspections of the work to verify the Scope of Works has been undertaken meets the National Construction Codes and adopted reference documents (like the Australian Standards).

The benefit to the property owner

  • it will reduce an owner’s time,
  • a technical and experienced single point of contact,
  • efforts and costs can be kept to a minimum,
  • property asbestos registers can be maintained and updated,
  • allows for the qualified and registered building practitioners to be independent, providing the value for money solutions,
  • independent insurance damage reports to ensure the best outcome with the repairs,
  • recommendations and proposals for client consideration.

Services offered

  1. Building upgrades and maintenance consultancy,
  2. Building defects report,
  3. Preparation of a Scope of Work to meet industry compliant building solutions,
  4. Evaluation of building contractors quotations
  5. Building maintenance and defect remedy reports,
  6. Staged building inspections to verify compliant workmanship,
  7. Building Code of Australia Compliance  reporting and follow up service,

An established business, supported by a qualified  and trained team providing you with tailor made solutions.

Let us source the best engineering and building solutions for your project requirements that are effect, efficient and value for money.

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