Planned Maintenance of Building

Planned Maintenance of Building saves money

Efficient maintenance is ensuring that buildings and associated assets are maintained to provide optimum performance of the building material, in an acceptable appearance and efficiency.

 Inadequate maintenance can result in early degradation and reduced performance of building elements and may affect heath and threaten the safety of the end users and others in the vicinity.

Depending on its construction method, quality of materials and workmanship, purpose and location, buildings deteriorate at different levels.

Most buildings will ever be maintenance-free, but the quality of the maintenance program and inspections and workmanship can promote the optimum  lifecycle of the building.

Maintenance Plans and inspections can help:

  • Prevent the process of material degradation.
  • Maintain adequacy and integrity
  • Prevent unnecessary damage from our harsh weather conditions
  • Excessive wear and tear from general usage.
  • Optimise performance of the building materials.
  • Determine the defects and prevent re-occurrence.
  • Focus on trying to eliminate repair repetition.
  • Ensure continued compliance.

For maintenance to be most effective, it should be organised through a maintenance report and programmed. Either weekly, monthly, six monthly to annually.

We coordinate the project providing value for money to the client.

  • Planned maintenance: Carried out on a routine basis.
  • Preventive maintenance: Carried out work to keep something in good condition and or extend its life, such as repainting rendered external walls, doors, handrails, balustrade in an building.
  • Proactive maintenance: Maintenance work that is undertaken to avoid unnecessary degradation of the material.
  • Scheduled maintenance: Preventive maintenance carried out in accordance with predetermined intervals, number of operations, hours run to maintain product warranty and alike
  • Corrective maintenance: This involves repairing something that has broken, such as a window, door, lock or guttering.